Palos Verdes House Painters

Interior and exterior professional Palos Verdes Painting contractors at Corona Del Mar Painting Company will complete your project with the highest end results.

Palos Verdes is a unique climate with salt air, harsh sun, and extreme heat. Our Palos Verdes Painters are trained and supervised to execute the best preparation of your homes surface in Palos Verdes. CDM's Palos Verdes painters are trained to apply the highest quality product of primer and paint by brush or spray. Our Palos Verdes painters can give you furniture grade beautiful finish on any stain or paint grade surface you desire.



Corona Del Mar Painting understands the interior of your home is your nest, we reflect that truth with the closet attention to detail and highest quality workmanship. Our Palos Verdes interior finishes are second to none, no one does interior finishes finer. CDM's professional Palos Verdes painters are trained to take doors, windows and cabinets apart in order to paint correctly and apply the correct mil thickness for aesthetic longevity of coatings. Paint finish or stain finish our Palos Verdes painters apply only the finest quality, at completion we are handing over to you beautiful finishes you can enjoy day after day.


Any exterior paintable surface type our experienced Palos Verdes Painters are trained to provide the most premium exterior applications available in Palos Verdes California. CDM's Palos Verdes painters have knowledge of all exterior coatings, including our preferred primer and paint system using industrial high quality resins, binders and vibrant automotive colorants. Our recommended long term Corona Del Mar paint system for your Palos Verdes exterior will provide long term protective coatings resisting salt air, harsh color fading sun, north facing mildew invasions and metal corrosion over short term profit driven applications. Call us or fill out a bid form to schedule a meeting for your Palos Verdes dream house come true.